Your Business Should Have Opinions

And beliefs. And a purpose, singular and inspiring. It should have an identity.

Those opinions, beliefs, and purpose act as a beacon to attract those who would join you to try and accomplish the things you’ve set out to do.

The singular purpose should align with your personal, singular purpose, the big thing your whole life exists to accomplish.

It’s those things that create trust with customers and partners. It helps people know why we’ve created the thing we’ve created, and helps those creations become more than just a commodity.

Businesses should take a stance on important subjects so that employees and partners know who they are working for and with. Those stances make it easier to find those that align with your mission when seeking partners, funding, distribution, and an audience you seek to serve.

If your business is simply an entity that exists to create a product, how is it different from any other business out there?

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