You Must Protect Your Time

Whether you work in an office or on your own, are a contractor or employee, it doesn’t matter. If you are doing creative work, you have to protect your creative time.

If your work as a creative is your side-gig, then protect that hour in the morning, or at night, or the short moments during the day that you have to work on your craft.

If your creative work is your full time profession, you need to protect large chunks of time, up to three to four hours of uninterrupted creative work, from interruptions, changes of focus, and distractions. That means no phone, no internet searching, no chit chats with coworkers or “hey, can you come help me with this real quick?”

Turn off Slack and other chats. Turn off the internet. Silence notifications on your phone and computer.

It will allow you to go deep on the work and accomplish more in one focused hour than you would over five interrupted hours.

You have to protect and guard your creative time. No one else will.

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