What’s The Point Of Personality Tests?

In 2017 I took that 16 personalities test that gives you that series of letters to attach to your identity. I remember I even paid the $19 or whatever it was to purchase the in-depth analysis of my personality.

The thought at the time was that the more I know about myself the more I can become.

The problem, however, is that these personality tests only give us that one thing – knowledge.

Knowledge doesn’t change anything, it just means we understand something we didn’t understand before.

Don’t get me wrong, knowledge is great, but without action, execution, change, it doesn’t mean anything.

A month ago I went through a seminar in hopes to make some changes to my life. We took a different personality test. This one gave you elements to associate yourself with instead of titles or letters or colors or numbers. Woo!

What’s crazy, though, is that I was able to not only learn something but assess how making new decisions and changes over that week-long seminar affected my results. I took that test again yesterday, and something changed.

I went from being “strong” in one to two areas and “weak” in the other three a month ago, to being fairly consistent across the board on this recent assessment. Not only that, my “weakest” result a month ago is now my “strongest”. That was shocking to me.

It was something real and tangible. The changes I’d made to my life and the way I live it have had a noticeable effect.

That’s the point of taking a personality test. It gives you clarity on where you are. From there, you get to decide on where you’re headed, make conscious decisions, and take action.

Now it’s up to you. Are you an ENFJ-A like me? (Previously I was an ENTJ-A. Crazy, right?)

Or maybe you’re a fire, or water, or metal?

Whatever your result isn’t the point. The point is what you do about it.

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