What Can You Accomplish In Two Weeks?

Yesterday my wife and three boys left for San Diego to house sit her sister’s house while they’re away (and to have a nice, southern California, lazy, beach summer vacation). I knew the trip was coming, but it wasn’t until earlier this week that I realized that they’d be gone for 16 days before I see them again.

The initial emotion was sadness, but it was quickly followed up by excitement and anticipation. Think about the potential! I can do so much more work!

(I know, I’m weird. Us creative entrepreneurs are a unique breed.)

That in mind, this post is my attempt at pointing the tip of my bat to the outfield, calling my shot, and using the power of social pressure to my advantage. So yes, I’m expecting all of you reading this to hold me accountable.

Here’s what I hope to accomplish in the next two weeks until I fly out to meet them.

  • 2 blog posts/day on dailymormon.email┬áto get ahead.
  • 2 meetings on moviehunt.co
  • Sign up 50 beta testers for moviehunt.com
  • get dailymormon.email to 250 email subscribers
  • book 5 new projects for Telekinesis Media (hit us up if you’re looking for a landing page or marketing video for your company. We’re really good.)
  • full outline and premises for each chapter on my book
  • 1 blog post per week on this site
  • 10 workouts at the gym
  • 8 hours of sleep per night
  • Shoot pilot for both new shows

This is all on top of everything I already do at work – doing sales calls, following up on projects with clients and vendors, and producing new work, as well as producing Zion Politics and trying to get two more shows off the ground.

Can it be done? I mean, I think so. But if you don’t ever push yourself, how will you know that you’re working at your highest level? Or whether a higher level is even possible?

What are you trying to accomplish? As Derek Sivers wrote, our actions reveal our values. If we really want to get something done, our actions have to align with the things that we want. They have to move us closer to our goals, not keep us where we are. What could be possible with a few weeks of big, massive action focused in the right ways? What if you’re capable of working on a different level from here on out, if you just prove to yourself that you can?

I’m hoping to find out.

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