Two Paths

You can’t drive on two different roads at the same time. You can’t walk two different paths, let alone two that are heading to different destinations.

You certainly can’t walk three, or four, or more.

The principle is the same for our creative projects. Somehow, Derek Sivers is coming out with three, THREE books this fall. Yet, my guess is that he wasn’t working on each one in any given day.

How many different creative projects are you working on right now? How are you trying to accomplish them? You can’t multitask your art.

Pick one. Use whatever metric to make that decision, but choose. Then work on it with all of your focus. Go deep. Work on it until you can’t go any further or until it’s done. Then, and only then, switch to the next project.

You’ll not only make more progress in the short term, but you’ll complete more projects in the long term.

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