Turn It Off

Last weekend I found myself constantly glued to my phone screen, refreshing facebook and the pages app to help spread the newest video we had released on Friday afternoon for Zion Politics.

It was horrible. I couldn’t put down the phone. I was up late, I was checking it at church, and was distracted from being a present husband and Dad.

So, this week, I turned it off.

I’m not on Facebook. I had this post automatically sent there so I didn’t have to open it. I’m not checking the stats of the newest video we just released last night.

Last night, I asked myself, “what’s the worst that could happen?”

Last week I led myself to believe that the video would fail if I wasn’t incredibly involved as much as I possibly could be. So what if it fails?

Well, this week we “hired” a social media manager to handle that. So I’m off the hook. Now I can focus on spending time with my kids, working on my lesson for church tomorrow, and relaxing at home.

If you find yourself stressed about work after hours and on the weekend, thinking about how much is dependent on you, try asking yourself the same question: what’s the worst that can happen if I don’t?

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