This Might Not Work

Love this quote from Seth Godin:

Hence the model, this might not work. And so on a good day, my story to myself is this might not work. That’s my job, to do something that might not work. The number of projects I’ve done, big and small, exceeds most people’s and the number of failures I have dramatically exceeds most people’s and I’m super proud of that; more proud of the failures than the successes because it’s about this mantra of is this generous, is this going to connect, is this going to change people for the better, is this worth trying?

Seth Godin on the Tim Ferriss Show #138

I think he’s talking about the resistance here, in a way. You can’t let fear prevent you from trying. Fear of failing, fear of being vulnerable and being seen, fear of coming up short and being rejected.

Flip the script. The failures are what define you as a creative. No one else gets as much leeway, as much flexibility in their work as you do. But if you aren’t taking the chances by starting something, building something, creating something, then you’re squandering the incredible opportunity you’ve been given. You have a license to fail.

Do the work, stop thinking about the outcome. Be okay with “this might not work”.

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