The Overwhelm

It’s a new day, a new year, a new DECADE!

You’ve set some goals and resolutions, you got fired up and excited for the year ahead, and now it’s January 2nd.

And you are now overwhelmed.

Where do you start?

What do you focus on first?

What’s the “right” thing to do?

Over the last decade, one of my constant sources of stress was when I would spend too much time consuming information and not enough time executing on what I’d learned.

You get to a point where you feel completely overwhelmed and not in control and it spirals into stress and frustration and disappointment.


Rather, try this: Pick one thing. Do that thing. Feel good about doing that thing. Commit to doing and feeling good about that thing tomorrow.


That’s all it takes to create new habits and routines that will set you up for success. Make progress every day and you’ll be amazed where you’re at in three months or a year from now.

Small amounts of progress are infinitely more effective than doing nothing.

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