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The reason you’re not doing the thing you claim you want to do – starting that new project, changing jobs, getting up early to create – is because your reasons for not doing it are stronger and more convincing that your reasons for doing it. Even fear, one of the strongest reasons for not doing …

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This Might Not Work

Love this quote from Seth Godin: Hence the model, this might not work. And so on a good day, my story to myself is this might not work. That’s my job, to do something that might not work. The number of projects I’ve done, big and small, exceeds most people’s and the number of failures …

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Good Things Will Happen

My mantra for the last few years has been to Make Progress Every Day. I heard another version of this principle yesterday on the Tim Ferriss Show with guest Ed Zschau. Ed said the following as his one piece of advice for listeners: Do what you like doing, do it the best way you know …

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