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What Are You Optimizing For?

Listened to this great interview yesterday between Kara Swisher and Jim Collins, author of a number of books including Built to Last, Good to Great, and Turning the Flywheel. As you know I’ve spent the last few months asking myself questions about my purpose and my “why” in hopes to get out of the creative …

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Preach The “Why”

I just finished Start With Why this last week and thoroughly enjoyed it. I thought I’d gotten the gist of it from watching his Ted Talk years ago, but turns out you get way more from a book than a 20-minute presentation for a specific audience. The biggest note for me was that a leader …

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What Is Your Business For?

Sure, you create art, or make a product, or provide a service. But why? Your business is just a system. It’s an entity that exists to allow you to make the change on the world that you seek to make. There’s likely a deeper reason than “because I like to make music”. Why? Why do …

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