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The reason you’re not doing the thing you claim you want to do – starting that new project, changing jobs, getting up early to create – is because your reasons for not doing it are stronger and more convincing that your reasons for doing it. Even fear, one of the strongest reasons for not doing …

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“We’ll Fix It In Post”

Just had the experience of dealing with the “we’ll fix it in post” mentality. It’s the belief that one’s lack of planning can be deferred onto people later in the chain of something being created. In film, you have the writer who comes up with the story and writes the screenplay. Then the producer hires …

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Others will get there faster than you. Your ideas will be executed by others before you can get to them. There will always be someone making more money than you, selling more art than you, with more followers and more clients and more work than you. It’s all out of your control. Focus on your …

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