Seth Godin Did It


Why blog? Why write at all? What’s the point?

One of the only blogs I subscribe to and welcome on a daily basis is Seth Godin’s blog. He’s been at it a long time; his archives go all the way back to 2002, and for most, if not all, of that time he’s blogged every single day.

As inspiring as that is, it’s also a bit discouraging. Why write when everything I want to say has (likely) already been said? (And probably by Seth Godin?)

It feels a lot like that South Park episode where they kept trying to tell jokes or come up with new story lines, only to find that the Simpson’s already did it.

Why try and blog, try and write every day, if someone better than you has already done it? Because I don’t want to write like Seth

Because I don’t want to write like Seth godin. I want to think like Seth Godin.

Writing a blog post a day (a new goal I’ve set for myself) isn’t about the writing. Writing is the output, the deliverable, the product. No, what I’m really after is the thinking. Forcing myself to pay more attention each day to the things that happen to me, the lessons I’m learning, the opinions I spout without being able to back them up if I had to.

It’s about becoming a better thinker, and if I can become half the thinker that Seth has become, I think it’s a pretty worthwhile goal.



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