I love quotes–I mean, who doesn’t? However, I find that I often will hear a quote, think “Whoa! That’s a great quote!” then promptly forget it.

I started being more conscious about writing down and saving quotes, in part thanks to Ryan Holiday’s post about how he takes notes on index cards but also just out of a strong desire to remember these great nuggets of wisdom and perspective.

This page will be updated as often as I remember to do it, and the most recently added quotes will be at the top for those of you who want to keep coming back for more. If you want to be notified of new quotes, you can follow me on Twitter or Instagram, where I’ll likely be doing regular updates as well.

Discontent is the first necessity of progress. ~ Benjamin Franklin

Quoted by Marie Forleo in her free audio “How To Get Anything You Want” – just go to her website and wait for the popup.

Men of genius themselves were great only by bringing all their power to bear on the point on which they had decided to show their full measure. ~Antonin Sertillanges

Quoted in Deep Work by Cal Newport.


Concentrate all your thoughts on the work at hand. The sun’s rays do not burn until brought into a focus. ~Alexander Graham Bell

And here’s a keyboard, connected to the entire world. Here’s a publishing platform you can use to interact with just about anyone, just about any time, for free. You wanted a level playing field, one where you have just as good a shot as anyone else? Here it is. Do the work. That’s what we’re all waiting for you to do–to do the work. ~Seth Godin

From the foreword in Do The Work by Steven Pressfield.

Greatness is not a function of circumstance. Greatness, it turns out, is largely a matter of conscious choice. ~Jim Collins

From Good to Great.

You can accomplish anything in life, provided that you do not mind who gets the credit. ~Harry S. Truman

The opposite of “remarkable” is “very good”. ~Seth Godin

From Purple Cow.

It’s never the end of the world. It’s already tomorrow in Australia. ~Charles M. Schulz

Nobody ever takes note of [my advice], because it’s not the answer they wanted to hear. What they want to hear is ‘here’s how you get an agent, here’s how to write a script,’ …but I always say, “be so good they can’t ignore you. ~Steve Martin

From his Charlie Rose interview.