After nearly a decade of tweaking my diet, I feel like I’ve finally found an eating plan that will help me maintain a desired weight. Over the last year or so I managed to pack on a few extra pounds, and went looking for a solution.

One thing that has been a little difficult for my super-eager-to-see-results brain is the time it is going to take to lose those extra pounds I have gained. It’s not a one or two week or even a month long process. The plan, when working properly, will help me lose about .4 to .8 pounds a week until I hit my target weight.

At that pace, it could take me up to another five or six months to achieve the result I’m after.

Our work is the same.

We are bugged by a problem enough to find a solution. That’s step one, and it often is a frenzied step. We’ll stay up late researching, sketching, testing, and discovering something that will solve our problem.

But then we want that solution immediately solved! Our brain solved it already, why hasn’t it changed in real life yet?

Because step two is patience. We have to have realistic expectations as to how long things will take to be realized.

Most albums aren’t recorded in a weekend. Most films take years to get financing, cast, and get into production, and often just as much time to recoup that investment. Most artists aren’t overnight successes.

Find a problem you care enough about solving that you’re willing to be patient to see it through to the end.

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