One Week In

I’ve successfully completed a full week (this post makes 8 days) worth of the #100DayChallenge. I started last Saturday and wanted to share a few thoughts from this first week. 

Writing Can Be Easy

When you remove all of the rules and the expectations that are usually tied to writing, it becomes really easy. Arguably this format is less interesting to read since it’s more of a daily brain dump than a longer form deep-dive into a topic, but this is about me, not about you, guys… 😉

Writing Is The Cure For Writer’s Block

There was only one night this week that I didn’t already have a note stored or a draft started before I got to writing, and found myself blocked for a few minutes. Then I remembered all of the people I respect who have spoken on the topic–or the nonexistence, rather–of writer’s block. They basically said just start writing and then, boom, writer’s block eliminated.

I had to scrap the first couple of paragraphs that were just junk, but once I stumbled onto the idea it went really smoothly from there. So, even if the writing is bad, write. Get words on the page, you can always go back and edit later.

I’m Not There Yet

I started this 100-day challenge in hopes of becoming more aware of the lessons I’m learning throughout each day. Turns out I didn’t do a great job capturing those lessons when they occurred. I’d have to spend some time replaying the day to think about what happened (and sometimes even apply a lesson to it). I want to try and do better at writing down those lessons when they happen, and to think about the different part of my day in a more analytical way so that I can extract more lessons than I do in this end-of-day style.

But hey, we’re only a week in…

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