Mark Is All Of Us

Yesterday I mentioned that I’ve worked with many creatives over the last two years.

I get a ton of fulfillment from helping others figure out their problems and giving them actionable solutions to help them make progress and create the work they’ve set out to create.

What I do first when I sit down with them is to give them a new perspective. I may address an underlying principle, like those that I write about here in my free ebook:

That often is the perfect first step to helping someone snap out of it. To help them get back up after hitting the brick wall. To try again after failing at the boss level.

Yet, once they have the new motivation to try again, then what?

I needed to help them actually do the thing that they had set out to do.

To not only overcome the obstacle – whether it’s mental, or emotional, or physical – but to do the work.

To break it down in a way that helps them make meaningful progress every day until they finish that new project and are ready to send out into the world.

But I couldn’t stop there either. Too many friends have stopped right there, right when they reach that boss level.

Self-publishing that book.
Uploading the video to YouTube or submitting it to festivals.
Pitching their new business to investors.
Sharing the new song on SoundCloud.
Starting the podcast, selling the painting, putting your name on the open mic list.

This is the “big boss level” of our creative journey.

Every one of these creatives faced resistance, and they all face this last final stage of doubt and fear when it comes to “shipping” – putting the work out into the world.

It’s the same journey over and over again.

They had a desire to change or create something in their life.
They made a choice to go after it.
They faced challenges along the way but overcame them.
Yet, at some point, the obstacle seemed too great, so they gave up.

I’m guessing you’ve been on that journey before?

How do we make sure that we avoid the ending of “and they never tried again…”?

The new year is a perfect time to revisit that project that you haven’t completed yet. It’s not too late – it rarely ever is.

That project that you’ve hit the wall on. What is it?

Whether it’s an idea, or you’ve already done some work on it. Whether it’s finished, ready for the world to see.

If you’re feeling the resistance, I’ve made something to help you face it head-on and get your work finished and out into the world.

It’s a set of tools, a system, to help you make and ship something at the beginning of the new year. You’ll take the journey with me as a guide, and we’ll defeat the boss level together.

You can learn all about it at this link, and there’s a special deal for this weekend for all you amazing readers.

Here’s to Making Something in 2020.