It Will All Work Out

Have you ever said to yourself, “it will all work out”?

I’m half temped to just transcribe what I wrote in my morning pages this morning. As I was working something out, I realized I have a problem:

I think part of my problem is that I’m looking so much at the future – what I want it to be, what it could be, and constantly comforting myself with “everything will work out” – that I fail to accurately see waht’s going on right now. This leads to ignoring the actions I should could be taking on a daily basis in order to realize that future that I keep envisioning.

The future isn’t just going to appear someday, fully formed. We shape the future, one day at a time by the consistent actions we take.

A book is created one word at a time, 1,000 words a day, not fully formed and bound on your doorstep one day.

A movie is the same way. You are not going to raise the money for your film unless you do something every single day to make it happen. No one is going do to it for you. No one is going to walk up and offer you a million dollars, and raising it $1,000 at a time is going to take longer than you have.

There are definitely times in my life that I have relied on my faith to get me through, reassuring my wife and kids that “it will all work out”. However, this typically doesn’t apply to the things that I should be doing and am failing to do. If you’re not doing everything you can, no amount of faith is going to change the outcome that you’re heading toward.

So, rather than saying “it’ll all work out”, start saying “what can I do today?”

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