Good Ideas, Bad Ideas

Another great quote from Seth Godin that’s stuck with me:

So the goal isn’t to get good ideas; the goal is to get bad ideas. Because once you get enough bad ideas, then some good ones have to show up.

It’s again about doing the work. Overcoming the fear of trying and failing, and realizing that you aren’t going to “bat a thousand” as a creative. You’re going to miss, possibly more often than you connect. But the analogy is apt here – a hall of fame hitter in baseball has around a .300 average. One out of every three at bats means you’re in the hall of fame.

How many great ideas do you even need? One? 10? 100? It’s probably less than you think. One great idea on how to spend your time each day making the world a better place could last you the rest of your career.

Stop stressing about whether it’s a good idea or not. Just try it. Do it. See it through. Better to get that idea realized than leave it in your head as simply an idea.

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