Good Decisions

Good decision making comes from making lots of decisions.

Full stop.

You can’t walk on to the Masters at Augusta National (the “championship” of golf, for sake of simplicity) if you’ve never swung a golf club before.

Same principle applies with making decisions. You have to start making decisions and take accountability for the decisions you make.

You will inevitably make a wrong decision. Many wrong decisions. That’s ok, because, remember, failure is nothing more than an opportunity to revise your strategy.

Those at the top of their game have gone through countless repetitions. Michael Jordan would practice shots for hours on end. Stephen King writes every single day, even now in his 70s.

If you want to be good at making decisions, practice by making deliberate decisions, stand by the choice you made, take note of the decision if it ended up being a poor one, revise your strategy, and move forward.

Even when you’ve reached “good” status, you’ll still make mistakes, make poor decisions, and learn from them. That’s how it’s supposed to be.

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