Get It Down

I’m a month in on this 100 day challenge experiment where I’m writing a blog post every day for 100 days. (Repetative much?)

One of the biggest take aways so far is just how important it is to write stuff down. In the last week alone I’ve found myself running for my notebook or reaching for my phone a number of times to get an idea down on paper.

Before, I’d somehow convince myself that I would remember when I needed to, even though history disagrees with that statement.

What I’ve started to do is put an asterisk by anything that I want to remember in my morning pages and then snap a picture of it and save it directly to Evernote. I’ve even created a new evernote notebook just for those snaps.

I’ve found myself to be more aware of the ideas, and because of that (or, maybe, there is no causation, just correlation), I find myself havingĀ more ideas. I’ve got ideas for 4 different books that I could write, three different websites, who I should reach out to for funding on our movie, and more. It seems like the more sincerity and respect we show our ideas when they do come, the more inclined they are to continue to do so and increase in frequency.

Have you done or tried morning pages yet? Have you found the same thing? Let me know, I need some people to discuss this with.

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