Principles work on everything. This book teaches you principles to become a full-time, professional creative, navigate the first steps, and to craft your best work. For those already working as a creative, these principles will help you get unstuck, level up your craft, and get more fulfillment from your work.
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    The problem with tips, tricks, and hacks is that they don't work for everyone. Your situation is different from mine, and your cousin's, and your coworker, and your competitor.

    By focusing on principles you build a stronger foundation for success as a creative. You learn to understand how a given principle can be applied to any situation, to your specific situation, and to use it to find the success you're seeking.

    This book contains universal principles that when implemented will skyrocket your creativity, your output, your income, and your ability to create a professional life from your craft.


    Along with principles you need values. This short book contains essential values that every creative needs to have to thrive in their respective fields.

    Without strong core values that dictate your actions and your work, you find yourself lost, unsure of what to do next or why you're making certiain decisions. You feel like there's a disconnect with the person you are and the person you're striving to be.

    Values provide a belief system that informs everything you do and gives you clarity on your thoughts, your actions, your work. They're essential, and this set of values has been proven to help hundreds of creatives in dozens of different fields to get control of their life and their work.


    You're here because you're looking for something. Whether it's direction or guidance or motivation or inspiration or mentorship, it doesn't matter. We're ALL looking for something.

    What's hard is that there is an infinite amount of information out there on how to succeed as a creative, each specific to the person that wrote it. I wanted to do something different in this book and provide clarity, through principles and values, to help you understand where you're at, where you want to go, and how to get there.

    At the end of the day I think that's what we're all after. We want to know what works. We want to know how to get what we want. We want to understand how the industry works and our part in it. We want to know how to get fultillment and satisfaction and joy from our work, day in and day out. That's what this book is for.