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Rituals Create Results

It’s great to set goals at the beginning of the year. But, too often, we – myself included – lose the momentum after the first week or two after setting the goal. It was great when we set it though! We wrote it down and everything! But then that initial energy fizzles out and we …

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Resolutions Week

This week, many – if not most – of us will hunker down for an hour or so and think of our New Year’s Resolutions. Things we want to change. Things we want in general. A few ideas to help you out: Focus on what you can control, not what you can’t Along with your …

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Interruptions kill your creativity and your ability to do deep work. Yesterday I had blocked out the whole morning to focus on editing a single project that’s due by EOD on Thursday. I’ve been a bit behind on it so I needed to make some quick progress. The first interruption was the office manager coming …

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Yesses & Nos

It’s true that every time you say yes to something you’re saying no to everything else. What’s more important than what you say yes to at the moment, at least initially, is the reason why you’re saying yes. You have to know your “north star”, the big goal, the one thing, the ultimate end that …

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You Don’t Need It

Stop using inanimate objects or others as an excuse to not make the thing you say you want to make. Movies can be shot on iPhones and still get into Sundance. Stories are free. Books can be written using a pencil and paper or using a free text app that comes with every computer. Words …

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Flow Follows Execution

Flow doesn’t just “happen” to someone. It’s not something that magically appears or is granted to those worthy enough to receive it. Flow comes from execution. It only occurs to those who do the work. Every so often, while doing the work, flow will occur – a state where everything just works and you could …

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