Being Overextended

Yesterday was an overwhelming day. Work, then travel to a meeting, then leave that meeting and rush to a shoot, then rush home to spend some time with my family before the kids had to go to sleep.

It felt overwhelming because I was overwhelmed. And I was overwhelmed because I was overextended.

What that really means is that I said yes to too many things at various times over the last X amount of time.

I made a commitment to my wife and kids that if I’m in town – rather than away from home, traveling for work – I’ll do my work in the morning so that every waking hour of theirs is a chance to have time with me.

I said yes to a video shoot yesterday a few months ago.

Back in January I agreed to come to an office every day and work on editing a TV show.

And the night before at 10:30pm I agreed to go to a meeting with a new client at 11am yesterday so that we could move things forward on the project.

Now, all of these things are things I wanted to do. Any normal day of combining one or two of them would feel make me feel fulfilled. But once I get to three or four is where I start to feel stretched thin and overextended.

Lesson being that the more you say yes to, at some point it might all catch up to you. Saying no is hard, but it allows you to protect your time for the things you value most.

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