What People Remember

I guess I’ll call this a post on networking.

Think back to the last time you went to an event, convention, luncheon, etc. Try and remember the most important conversation you had or the speaker that spoke.

Now, try and remember every single thing that they said.

…I’ll wait. 

Ok, that’s enough. I’d be waiting around indefinitely if I waited for you to remember every single thing that escaped their mouths.

Now, think about how that person or that conversation or that keynote address made you feel.

I bet you could write a thousand words on it, and it wouldn’t be hard.

People don’t remember the words you say. They remember how you made them feel.

Think of this principle The next time you’re stressed out in the corner of a networking mixer on the second night of a conference.

Sure, you could use some liquid courage, unless you’re like me and you don’t drink. What to do then?

Focus on making a good impression. Act interested. Smile. Ask thoughtful questions that show you really care about the person you’re speaking with. I guarantee that alone is enough to make you stand out in a crowd of people who are just trying to seek out the “VIPs” and what you can do for them.

No need to stress anymore about the right one liner, or the perfect question. Focus on the emotion. It’s the only thing they’ll remember anyway.

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