The Standard Pace Is For Chumps

And you’re not a chump. You’re awesome. You have goals, you put systems in place, and you achieve them. I see you. You’ve competed in insane races, started businesses, married the person of your dreams… you are not a chump.

We’re half way through 2019. What goals did you set for yourself back in January? How are things coming along? What can you do today to recommit and double down?

Whatever it is you have set out to accomplish, you can do it, and in my experience you can do it faster than you think. This isn’t about sacrificing quality or your work ethic. But little bits of progress every single day compounded over weeks and months leads to incredible things.

So whatever it is, start. Reset. Change your pace. Because you’re not a chump.

The Standard Pace Is For Chumps” comes from a quote by Derek Sivers on the Tim Ferriss Show.

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