Preach The “Why”

I just finished Start With Why this last week and thoroughly enjoyed it. I thought I’d gotten the gist of it from watching his Ted Talk years ago, but turns out you get way more from a book than a 20-minute presentation for a specific audience. The biggest note for me was that a leader …

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The Resistance Is Real

Guys. The resistance. It’s real.   Two days ago I parted ways with my business that I’ve been running for about 10 years now. The moments and days that have followed have me realizing that my options are infinite. That feeling is equal parts motivating and crippling.    If you can do anything you want, …

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There was a great post on a blog that I follow that prescribed the 1 2 7 14 system for screenwriters. The gist is this: writers write. You know what else? Photographers take pictures, filmmakers make movies, and creators CREATE. You have to be doing something every day that is related to what it is that you do. Your creative output is what sets you apart from people that dream about being this or that to people that are doing it.

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