What Is Art?

In college I read in a book (sorry for not remembering which book…) that “Art is a language”. That unlocked a ton for me when thinking about writing or creating. Yesterday I heard this quote, which was attributed to Leo Tolstoy but I couldn’t find it online anywhere to confirm. Nonetheless: Art is the transfer …

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The Resistance Is Real

Guys. The resistance. It’s real.   Two days ago I parted ways with my business that I’ve been running for about 10 years now. The moments and days that have followed have me realizing that my options are infinite. That feeling is equal parts motivating and crippling.    If you can do anything you want, …

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When talking about success in an artistic field like filmmaking or music, I usually tell people that I believe that talent accounts for about 20% of success.

The other 80%? Doing the work. 

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