Seasons Of Life

I turned 36 yesterday. It reminded me of this thing I read years ago, referencing a philosopher named Rudolf Steiner, about how life can be broken up into seven-year cycles.

So, 0-7, 8-14, 15-21, 22-28, 29-35, 36-42, 43-49, 50-56, 57-63, and 64-70. Obviously you could keep going but these were the cycles that he wrote about.

If you believe what he wrote, I just entered a new cycle, and it got me thinking about what the next seven years could be like, and how it might be different as I reflected on the last cycle, which was one where I grew a family, bought a house, ended and started companies, 4x’d my income, and built a reputation in my field.

It also made me think about the smaller seasons in our lives. Seasons where we’re taking more risks or being more conservative. Seasons of debt and seasons of prosperity. Seasons of love and seasons of loss. Some of these seasons last for days or weeks, some last for months or even years.

What I think is the takeaway is that we have to check in frequently enough to know what season we’re in. We have to be aware so that we have a certain level of clarity in our current state. Then, what do we do about it? Rather than go through life like we’re on a boat with no paddle or way to steer, we need to take control and decide where we’re headed.

What season are you in? What should be the main focus of this season in order to get out of it as quickly as possible, if it’s a negative one, or maximize the results of it if it’s a great season?

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