Recurring Themes

I’ve noticed something over the last week or two, and I know it’s happened before.

Recurring themes.

I listen to tons of podcasts and talk tapes, read books and blog posts, and follow a number of writers and thinkers. Over the last week it seemed like the same thing came up over and over again:

Success isn’t a single event. It’s the outcome of continuous decision making and consistent effort over the course of time.

Just like when you buy a new car you suddenly see them everywhere you go, I must have had “success” on the mind, because it was just showing up everywhere.

That insight isn’t the point though. The point is to pay attention to what themes are recurring in your life, as they provide insight into what your subconscious is working on in the background as you go through your day.

What the themes mean to you and what you do about them is what matters.

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