The reason you’re not doing the thing you claim you want to do – starting that new project, changing jobs, getting up early to create – is because your reasons for not doing it are stronger and more convincing that your reasons for doing it.

Even fear, one of the strongest reasons for not doing something daring and new, falls under the same principle. You’re afraid of the outcome more than you are excited for what could become of the work you do.

The remedy is a simple one: ask yourself: why?

Why aren’t you getting up early?

  • Because I’m too tired/value sleep more than creating something new
  • Because I’m afraid that doing the work will result in failure or won’t be as good as I want it to be

Why aren’t you creating?

  • Because it may not be as good as someone else
  • Because it won’t affect enough people
  • Because it will show a side of me I haven’t shown before

Now ask yourself why again. Why are you afraid? Why are you choosing to stay up late rather than get enough sleep to not be tired in the morning?

Dig down by asking “why” as many times as you need to figure out the “real” reason that’s stopping you from doing the work or making the choice you claim to want, and spend the necessary time to wrestle with that reason.

Until your reason(s) for doing the thing are greater than your reasons for not doing it, you’ll struggle with finding the motivation and willpower to do it.

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