Read Stuff You Don’t Understand

Most of us don’t regularly try and stretch ourselves when it comes to the things we read.

That’s what school was for, right? Now that we’re older, we should just “get it”.

But without that stretching there’s no growth.

If we never try reading something that we can’t fully grasp on the first pass, then we’re not learning new concepts, we’re just being fed what we already know in a different way.

Grab a book that is a step or two above what you’re generally comfortable reading. Take notes. Write out what the author is saying in each chapter or on each page. Make sure you understand the principles they are teaching. Look up the words that you aren’t familiar with. Doing so expands your knowledge, your ability to understand new concepts, and opens you up to more and more books that you had previously closed yourself off to.

(If you’re curious, the book that I’m currently wrestling with is Thinking in Systems: A Primer)

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