Raising Money : A Roll of the Dice

One of the great things about consistency in most things is that every amount of effort you put into it builds on the work you’ve already done.

Like I said¬†the other day, the mantra of “it will all work out” sometimes does more harm than good. However, the flip side is that you dramatically improve your chances of success when you work on it consistently.

Back to the book example – if you DO write, say, 1,000 words per day, at some point a few months in you’ll have a book. Set a target word count, divide by 1,000, ¬†that’s how many days until your tome is ready to be sent out into the world – or at least to your editor.

Fundraising for film is different.

Fundraising is more like a roll of the dice. Just as in craps, or roulette, what came before has absolutely no effect on what comes next. Say your roll five 7’s in a row. What are the chances you roll another 7? The same as the last five rolls. (1 in 6, in case you were wondering. 16.6%…)

Every single call you make to another potential investor has no effect on the reaction of the next one, or the next one. A string of “no’s” is just that…a bunch of “no’s” in a row. It doesn’t mean anything, other than you’re hitting the wrong people at the wrong time.

It’s hard. It is frustrating. And it is your livelihood. And a times it feels like it’s all up to chance.

On the other hand, if you do nothing you have no chance at all.

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