Make Things Better By Making Better Things

This line stood out from Seth Godin’s podcast last week:

Make things better by making better things.

Seth Godin

It was one of many steps that have contributed to the change that I’ve been seeking lately. It helped me realize that though I had the desire to make things better, both for myself and for the people and world around me, I was going about it the wrong way.

I had been focusing on my own significance. I would catch myself saying things like “I did that!” and making sure that everyone knew how I was involved. I was scrambling, and the words I used and the ways I would talk about my work showed how bad it was.

I was going about it all wrong.

The way to “make things better” is to make better things. To focus on contribution rather than significance.

By contributing your best work, the work gets better. By contributing to the industry, the industry gets better.

And, oddly enough, the significance comes the more you contribute. But it has to remain an outcome of the contribution, not the goal.

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