It Should Just Be Dead Simple

We often think that only complicated plans are valid plans.

To launch a new website, we have to have the perfect design. Not to mention the corresponding logo, tagline, business name, font, color palette, t-shirt, office space, etc., rather than doing the thing we set out to do: launch a website.

Rather than writing 1,000 words a day toward the new book we want to put into the world, we focus on the minutiae. We spend hours looking at how to run amazon and facebook ads. We study how to build an email list, find a publisher, compare the differences in paper weights for our inevitable hardback. We, for some reason, research podcasts to appear on.

Stop. Write the words. Keep it simple.

What’s the simple version of what you’re trying to make?

Stop focusing on easy vs. hard. Focus on complicated vs. simple, and make the thing you are trying to make as simple as possible.

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