Discipline Makes Life Easier

Last night I attended a Ben Folds concert in NYC with my wife for our 10 year anniversary. We got the big ol‘ VIP package which gave us time with Ben before the show where he read from his new book and did a short Q&A.

One unexpected comment came from that Q&A, that “discipline makes life easier.” I’d describe Ben as a pure creative, or in his words “I have tons of drive but no discipline.”

Yet, even he feels that discipline makes life easier.

Being an artist isn’t an excuse to procrastinate or to drop the ball on account of the way your brain works. Work still has to get done. You’ve just got to figure out how your brain gets it done.

Discipline isn’t a bad word, it frees you. The more discipline you approach your craft with the more you will accomplish, in shorter time, with less frustration and stress.

Discipline makes life easier, so welcome it into your process, don’t run from it.

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